August 20, 2015

Carol’s training

Carol the Dog Trainer

Certified dog trainer by the CCPDT (one of  the leading independent certifying organization for professional dog trainers in the world). Behaviour modification and skill training for you and your dog  is my goal!

Working with fearful, anxious and aggressive dogs is my specialty.

I continue to study and learn about dogs and how to communicate and work more effectively.  Here are some of my most current courses and workshops:

  • Reactivity Professional Course for Dog Trainers with Janet Finlay (offered jointly with Empowered Dog in the summer of 2021 to present)
  • Empowered Dog Winter & Summer Summit (2020 & 2021)
  • Aggression in Dogs Conference with Micheal Shikashio (2020) and the Loose Leash Academy
  • Sexier than a Squirrel program with Absolute Dogs (2020)
  • 21 days to a Clever Dog with Sarah Whitehead (2019)
  • Loose Leash Walking Workshop with Denise Fenzi (2019)
  • Separation Anxiety Seminar with Malena DeMartini  & Casey McGee (2019)
  • Walking with Reactive Dogs Workshop with Amy Cook (2019)
  • Stressed Out Webinar with Amy Cook (2019)
  • Introduction to Nosework with Stacy Barnett (current)
  • Master Class on Dog Play “15 Shades of Play” with Sarah Whitehead (2018)
  • Fear in Dogs with Sarah Whitehead (Learn to Talk Dog) (2018)
  • Confidence and Composure Program for Reactive Dogs with Paola Hoger of Shake-a-Paw (2016-2018)
  • Crate Games by Susan Garrett (2018)
  • Normal or Not? Common Behavioral Disorders with Dr Jennifer Summerfield (2018)
  • Body Language of Dogs  with Sarah Whitehead (Learn to Talk Dog) (2016)
  • Dog Play & Body Language of Dogs with Pia Silvani  (2016)
  • Recallers Workshop 3.0 with Susan Garrett (Say Yes Dog Training) (2015)