August 20, 2015

Carol’s training

Carol the Dog TrainerThese are some of the courses I’ve attended over the years. Let me know if you hear of something else I should know about!

Certified (“Knowledge Assessed”) in 2019 by the CCPDT which is the leading independent certifying organization for professional dog trainers.

  • Member of the  Association of  Pet Dog Trainers (USA)
  • Apprentice with Lynn Young and Paola Hoger of Shake-a-Paw
  • Partner with Paola Hoger of Shake-a-Paw (
  • Seminar with Chris Bach (May 2010 and April 2011) (
  • Recallers Workshop 3.0 (Spring 2012) with Susan Garrett (Say Yes Dog Training)
  • Body Language of Dogs Part 1 and 2 (2014 & 2016) with Sarah Whitehead (Learn to Talk Dog)
  • Dog Play & Body Language of Dogs (2015) with Pia Silvani
  • Fear in Dogs (2018) with Sarah Whitehead (Learn to Talk Dog)
  • Confidence and Composure Program for Reactive Dogs with Paola Hoger of Shake-a-Paw (2016-2018)
  • Crate Games by Susan Garrett (2018)
  • Normal or Not? Common Behavioral Disorders with Jennifer Summerfield (2018)
  • 21 days to a Clever Dog with Sarah Whitehead (2019)
  • Loose Leash Walking Workshop with Denise Fenzi (2019)
  • Separation Anxiety Seminar with Malena DeMartini  & Casey McGee (2019)
  • Walking with Reactive Dogs Workshop with Amy Cook (2019)
  • Stressed Out Webinar with Amy Cook (2019)
  • Introduction to Nosework with Stacy Barnett (current)
  • Master Class on Dog Play “15 Shades of Play” with Sarah Whitehead