Your best friend's second best friend


Dog training is fun, easy and good for you…and your dog.
At Carol the Dog Trainer, we believe that a happy, well-behaved dog is an attainable goal and we will help you reach it.
We encourage participation from all family members and help dogs of all ages.

Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!
Your happy and peaceful household is our goal.
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Group dog training classes teach the skills that we need our dogs to know while having fun with some new friends in your neighbourhood. From Basic to Advanced, for young or old, a new trick or an old trick…we offer it all!

Go to Confidence and Composure for Leash Reactive Dogs

Confidence and Composure for Leash Reactive Dogs

A safe learning environment for the socially challenged dog. The Confidence and Composure program is a 3-step program that will transform your walks. Picture both of you walking calmly and happily together. Yes, it’s possible!

Go to Private Sessions & Behaviour Modification

Private Sessions & Behaviour Modification

Private dog training sessions are perfect for anyone who wants to work at their own pace. Teach something new or fix a problem. It’s your choice!

Go to Online Training School

Online Training School

For anyone who prefers to work on their own, our new self-study course is coming soon. Stay tuned!

About Carol

Your best friend's second best friend
Let's work together towards a happy, positive relationship for you and your dog.

Carol has been helping dogs and people to happily co-exist together for close to 20 years. Every dog is unique and every relationship is different, so Carol tailors her programs to meet each client’s needs.

Her education, experience and philosophy shine through everyday and is evident in the happy outcomes for her clients.

Her methods foster your relationship with your dog while teaching reliable skills in a fun and positive way.

A trainer's work is never done so Carol continues to study and learn;
have a look at what I have been up to!

Thank you for choosing Carol the Dog Trainer. I am looking forward to our journey together.