August 12, 2015

Confidence and Composure

A Safe Learning Environment for the Socially Challenged Dog

The Confidence & Composure program is a unique and comprehensive 3-step program that addresses “aggressive” behaviours displayed by your dog while walking on leash. (Or “leash reactivity” as we prefer to say.)

Dogs that are overly reactive and “aggressive” are often nervous or scared. They need to build their confidence when faced with what they perceive as a “scary thing” and learn new behaviours at the same time.

Confidence & Composure has a proven track record and was developed here in the Ottawa Valley by master trainer, Paola Hoger of Shake-a-Paw

“Urban life is a reality for a lot of dogs today. Walking calmly on leash is a basic requirement for their everyday lives. Walking our dog is one of the reasons we have them in the first place and it’s supposed to be fun. I want all dog owners to experience a calm and relaxed walk.”

If any of these statements describe you:

  • Do you avoid meeting other dogs or people?
  • Are you adjusting your walk time or routine just to avoid running into “stuff” that will upset your dog?
  • Are you at the end of your leash?

Then Confidence & Composure is the place for you! 

Do any of these behaviours describe your dog?

  • Lunging, Barking, Growling
  • Intense, over-reaction to ordinary things
  • Nervous or Scared
  • Worried or Fearful
  • Submissive

Then Confidence & Composure is the place for you! 

Covid-19 Update: virtual consults are available via Zoom OR private session outdoors while maintaining social distance. Social distance is great for reactive dogs!

Step 1: Book an initial training and assessment appointment ($190 – $250) which includes a full consult and an individual training plan.

Step 2: Follow your plan.  At your pace. On your schedule.  (Email and phone support as needed.)

Step 3: When you are ready, book one or more short training sessions ($97) to work in various challenging locations around the city.  As often as you want and as many as you need. This is your journey with your dog so flexibility is key.

Step 4: Find your tribe by working in small groups of 3-4 others who know exactly what you are going through.   

Peaceful and relaxing walks are within your grasp!