January 28, 2011

Group Classes

Covid-19 Update:  ongoing outdoor small group classes (max of 6 dogs per class) in Westboro and at GNAG CC in the Glebe. Class schedule and registration is here.

Need more information or have questions? Please email Carol anytime.


Barkers & Lungers: for Reactive, Nervous and “Leash Aggressive” Dogs  

Does your daily walk with your dog involve intense, over-reaction to outdoor stimulation? Do the neighbours think your sweet pooch is aggressive and terrifying? Are you at the end of your leash? This is a specialty class for dogs that are reactive to other dogs (or people or bikes or skateboards or squirrels…) while walking on a leash.

Whether your dog is nervous, scared, submissive or simply excitable, learn how to teach Fido to be calm so you can enjoy your walks again in the Confidence and Composure program.

Basic Skills for Pooches and Pups 

Positive reinforcement training for dogs of all ages. Have fun teaching your dog the basic skills: sit&stay, leave it, come when called, and walk-nicely-on-a-leash.  The goal is to have a strong bond with your new dog as well as a safe, well-socialized pet and a happy home environment. Come one, come all…training your dog is good for you and Fido too! Open to dogs and puppies of all ages and skill levels.

Basic Plus: Sharpen your Skills

Improve your skills in key areas such as walking manners and re-call, perfect your “stay”, and learn some new things too. Our goal is to improve your dog’s focus, work their brain and their body. Pre-requisite is Basic Skills or with permission of the instructor. 

Combo Class: Re-Call and Leash-Walking Skill Improvement

Work on the 2 most important skills that you need your dog to have: a reliable recall and a nice walking style.  Have your dog keep the leash loose while walking and not eat everything in sight! And, let’s be sure that when you say your dog’s name that he/she wants to come to you and does so with enthusiasm.  Doesn’t this sound wonderful? Come and join our class! 

Leash Manners Workshop

Learn some new skills and techniques that will make your walk with Fido more enjoyable for both of you.  Walk by other dogs and other distractions without a commotion; walk by your side; and have a reliable “leave it” command. Open to all non-reactive dogs of all ages and skill levels.  

Puppy Time for pups ages 2-6 months

Supervised outdoor off-leash play time in a fenced dog park in Ottawa central-west. Meet a new friend, ask a question, learn about play style and appropriate play for dogs. Register here.

If you are looking for skill training for young pups, please register for Basic Skill for Pooches and Pups (description above).

Reliable Recall: “Come!” 

Let’s make Fido want to come to you…with enthusiasm and speed!  This workshop will address general training methodology, basic skills for name recognition and attention, as well as ensuring willing and happy compliance.