June 5, 2010

About Carol

Carol the Dog TrainerCarol is a Certified Dog Trainer (CPDT_KA) with the CCPDT which is one of the two leading independent certifying organizations for professional dog trainers in the world. Carol trains all levels of skills and specializes in behaviour modification and leash reactive dogs (often called “leash aggression”). Working with fearful, anxious and aggressive dogs takes knowledge, skill, and experience.

Carol has been helping dogs and people to live well together for over 15 years now.  Experience teaches that not everyone wants the same skill or behaviour from their dogs, so Carol tailors her programs to meet each client’s needs.  Her education, experience and philosophy shine through in her work everyday and is evident in the happy outcomes for her clients.

Carol continues to study and learn (you CAN teach an old dog (or human) a new trick!).   Here is a list of what she is up too.

Thank you for choosing Carol the Dog Trainer to partner with you on your journey with your pooch.